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FAQ on Purchasing Spree Items

1) Which are the new & ongoing Spree?

Please refer to this link:

2) Where to view the Shipment charges & caculations?

Please refer to this link:

3) Any discount entitlement for
joining your Spree?

Please refer to this link:

4) Do you supply spree or private spree & what's your rate?

Please refer to this link:

5) Where to download the order form?

Please refer to this link:

6) What is the procedure to join your spree at your blog?

Please refer to this link:

7) What local delivery mode do you provide & what's the charges?

Local postage (Normal/ Registered), Mass meet up collection & Doorstep Delivery/ Courier. All the charges can be view on the order form.

8) What is the difference between Normal and Registered mail?

Normal Mail
There is no tracking number for your parcel.
If you did not receive your parcel, singpost is unable to track the item.

Registered mail
Tracking number is provided for your parcel.
You can go to to track your items whereabouts.

9) Is there a difference in the delivery method between normal and registered mail?

There is no difference on the delivery method.

If the parcel is small, the postman will slot into your mailbox for normal mail.

If the parcel is big, the postman will go straight up to your doorstep and check if there's anyone home to receive the parcel regardless whether it is normal or registered mail.

If no ones at home, the postman will place a collection receipt at your doorstep. Please collect the parcel the next working day.

10) How long does Singpost takes to deliver item to my house?

2 - 7 working days.

11) My item has been damaged via normal mail.

I'm regret to inform you that Lovely Inn will not be liable for any damaged during the delivery process caused by Singpost. My responsibility ends once item has been mailed out to Singpost.

12) My item has been mailed out but I have yet to receive it after 7 working days.

In the event of lost mail, it cannot be refunded. I'm not be liable for lost mail via normal postage. However, I will assist to report lost mail to Singpost & wait for them to revert back before I can update you. Hence, all spree-ers are strongly encourage to use registered mail or courier. For registered mail, you can check your item status on Singpost website. Please call up Singpost 1605 and provide your tracking number if you have not receive your item.

13) For Mass meet up, where is the venue, time & when?

7.30 to 7.45pm
Venue: Bishan Junction 8, loading bay outside Long John Silver's
Must check out your Item Status & email me your attendance 1 day in advance.
Mass meet up is done ONCE every 2 week only.
No others timing or places to meet otherwise please change to postage/ courier or attend the next mass meet up session.
Items that are not collected within 3 months after it arrival will be auto donated to charity without notice & refund.

14) For Doorstep delivery/ Courier, what is the timing & charges that u can deliver over to my place?

Please refer to this link:

15) It is my first time purchase. How can I make sure the dress will fits me without trying?

Measure one of your own favourite dress & compare with Seller measurement chart or give me your height & weight & body figure measurement, i will check it out with seller & advice you. Otherwise do not buy to avoid disappointment.

16) What does the remaining time (剩餘時間) in each item site means? Can I still place my order?

The remaining time refers to the amount of time left for each item to be shown on the site. Sellers can post their items on auction for maximum 30 days. In 30 days, the remaining time will change to 已經結束 (i.e. has ended).

There’s 2 meaning to 已經結束. First reason, the item site has reached 30 days and the link is gone until the seller notices it and reposts the link. Second reason, if the item site is not relinked after 1 week, it may means the item is out of stock or sold out.

You are not encourage to place your order on those items that have little remaining time or low qty as there is a high possibility that the item may be out of stock. However if it's out of oos, full refund of that item will be made.

17) I have not received the confirmation email of my order or payment.

Please email me again if I did not reply you after 2 days. Alternatively, drop a message at the tag board, MSN, facebook to notify me.

18) Can I add on orders after making payment?

Yes you may. As long the payment for the add on orders is received before the deadline, your add on order will be included.

19) Why did the waiting time for the spree items to arrive is so long?

We will have to depend on seller & their supplier’s speed. It’s very common for spree to be slow. It is normal for different spree order that is placed on the same day does not arrive on the same date. Please note that different sellers have different speed. Thanks for your patience otherwise please do not join spree.

20) I have waited so long for my items to arrive but it went out of stock near the end of the spree.

Taiwan sellers have every right to inform us the out of stock items whenever their suppliers identify them during manufacturing process. At times, the seller may spot defect items during quality check before shipment and cancel out the items without informing me. If that's the case, I will only know after the parcel arrived when i open out.

21) Why am I not getting on-time updates on the shipment status in the website?

The Closed Spree Status Post is updated daily at different time intervals once sellers notice me. If the spree you are checking does not have any update, you may wish to try again at a later date. If you still experience problem with tracking your item, please contact Lovely Inn.

22) Why does my item take longer than what is quoted/stated to arrive?

The delivery times quoted are the previous batch speed. All items might be delay by sellers or their suppliers, their holiday season, weekend off & also subjected to customs inspection which may require additional days. Every batch speed is different.

23) My spree item was defect/ wrong size/ wrong design/ wrong color/ stain, how ar? Can exchange or refund a not?

Most sellers don't practice return policy for overseas buyers but you can still email me whether the seller accept return goods in exchange for the same item. However, you have to bear the return cost which is minimum $8 to maximum $15 depending on how heavy your item weighs.

If the seller don't accept overseas exchange, I regret to inform you that there will be no refund as the fault does not lies with me. Note that item not up to your expectation and defects are non refundable as well as I'm not responsible for any carelessness caused by the seller.

24) The item I received is different from the picture shown on the website.

Please note that the items may not reflect exactly the same of the picture that shown on the site. Some may be manufactured based from those fashion magazine. I'm the agent/organizer in bringing these clothes from Taiwan, not the ones who manufacture or sell them. Hence, Lovely Inn will not be responsible for the difference in clothes received.

25) Why is my items confiscated by custom? Can refund a not?

Some items are prohibited to be released from custom side depending on their regulation. If it’s really confiscated by custom, Lovely Inn is unable to make refund to you as we all will be affected too. Please buy at your own risk.

26) Hey, your order form look weird leh, i dunno how to fill in wor?

Steps have been stated at the download order form post.
If you are still unsure on how to fill in the order form, just fill in your particular & the url. Lovely Inn will check & revert to you.
Or u may use the traditional way to place order too.
Purpose to use the order form is to speed up the process of confirming your orders as well as to auto generate the payable amount for you to view in advance.

S$1.80 postage for normal mail? What does the “for the 1st heaviest item and subsequent S$0.50 applies to items from the same spree” mean? isn’t the S$1.80 a fixed amt for 1 item?

Example: u buy 2 items each & their shipment category fall in D & F. Local Normal mail 1st heaviest item is D S$1.80 den F sub item will be S$ 0.30c
Have to depend on which category your item fallen in.
No worry, I will revert to you if your order form is wrongly filled.

27) Hi, how do I know which spree belong to Direct & Indirect?

Please click on the TW picture icon;
If Indirect spree, it will link u to another Lovely Inn post.
If Direct spree, it will link u directly to TW Seller web site.

28) Hey, what's the different btw Direct & Indirect Spree wor?

Direct spree mean sellers ship directly to singapore.
Indirect Spree mean sellers does not ship to singapore, seller who are always making mistake or item slot are always not able to hit therefore will need a agent to bring in the items for us & 12% agent fees apply.

29) Hey, can change the spree end date early a not, my item going to OOS soon leh?

I will end it once it hit the Target Slot or Caps Amount by Seller. If item went out of stock I will make refund to u.

30) Hey, do u ship to overseas? How do you charge to post to overseas. By which courier?

Small item via Singpost or Bulky item via Speedpost.

31) Hey, how come u mail normal mail so fast den registered mail so slow!

I went to Post Office twice per week only due to my job commitment. For normal mail i can mail it at any time but for registered mail i can only mail it when post office is open during office hour.

32) Hey, will u inform us when our items arrived?

For postage spree-ers, I will email you after I have mailed out the items.
For meet up spree-ers, u can do self checking at the closed spree status post & email me your attendance 1 days in advance before the meet up date. I will be sending a mass reminder email when the meetup date is near too.
For doorstep delivery/ courier spree-ers, I will email you any day to inform you that the items will be deliver to your place at your chosen timing.

33) Hi there, I understand that you do not accept order for spree that is ending on the last day but I am busy at work this few days that is why I forgot to send in the order earlier to u, can you still accept my order?

Yes but you must make the payment together when you send in the order to me on the last day. If the amount is incorrect I will revert to you to top up or I will refund the excess.

34) Hey, i called you to ask question, y din u answer?

I do not response to phone call at all but u can whatsapp me.
All inquiry/ confirmation via email only.
Please read the terms & conditions or FAQ or email me.

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