Saturday, 27 November 2010

Procedure to join spree @ Lovely Inn

Step 1: Read the Terms & Conditions & FAQ.

Step 2: Browse through the merchants website in my blog or any taiwan website which you are interested in & fill in all the details in the order form.

Step 3: Download the correct colors Order Form.

Step 4: Attach the order form in email & send to:

Step 5: Wait for Lovely Inn to reply on order confirmation within 2 working days. (Auto reply not counted)

Step 6: Make Payment immediately or before merchants end the auctions.

Step 7: Update me your Payment Transaction Detail in email.

Step 8: Wait for my confirmation on receiving your payment status.

Step 9: Relax & wait for your items to arrive! (All the previous sprees waiting time is stated at my homepage under every different merchants icon)

Step 10: To check the item status, refer to Spree Status Post.

After items arrived, Lovely Inn will send an email to notify you:
Any changes on local delivery mode, please don't hesitate to inform Lovely Inn to make the arrangement.

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