Supply Rate/ Cheaper Spree

Supply / Cheaper Spree

Supply/ Cheaper Taiwan Spree

Shipping and handling fee for private/ supply spree will be cheaper than normal spree rate as supply/ private you are buying in bulks of 10 items.

Private Spree Process:

[1] Send in your order form consisting of at least 10 items. (mixed spree allowed)
[2] Confirmation email will be sent to you, together with the invoice.
[3] Update me the transaction details once payment made.
[4] Confirmation of receipt will be sent to you and all updates will be shown on "Spree Status Post".

[1] Cheaper shipping & handling fees
[2] Risk of out of stock will be lower.
[3] One-time payment and no further payments will be required after items arrived!
[4] Cheaper agent fee
[5] Free self collection at my place
[1] Minimum capping of 10 items for all taiwan sprees. 
[2] Not applicable for normal spree discount as it's already supply rate.
[3] If the 10 items have out of stock item, the supply rate will revised to normal spree rate. It's better to purchase more than 10 items.

Shipping & Handling Fees For Supply Spree:
Stated in the order form.

Purple Order Form for Taiwan Supply Spree

Supply Spree Calculation:
Total payable amount will be [Item Price in TWD/NTD + Taiwan domestic postage] x Exchange Rate 0.05 + Shipping to Singapore x 1.07 Agent Fee + Local Postage ]


If per item is NT100 that mean 10 items total will be NT1000.
100 x 10 = NT1000 (Items price)
Plus taiwan domestic postage per spree/ per seller
NT60 - NT 180 per spree domestic postage or item depending on merchants charges at their websites (Sellers local postage to deliver the items to agent warehouse)
Multiply by Exchange Rate 0.05 (Convert International currency to SGD$ amount)
Add in amp; if handling fee is S$3.50 per item that mean 10 items total will be S$35.
S$3.50 x 10 = S$35 (International shipment fees)
Add in 7% agent fee. (1.07 agent fee)
Free for self collection or add in any local delivery fees as above chart if any.
Total payable amount would be (Item Price in TWD/NTD + Taiwan domestic postage x Exchange Rate 0.05 + Shipping to Singapore) x 1.07 Agent Fee + Local Postage

I supply all the sprees that are shown at my blog or any spree that you suggest from taiwan.

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