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The concept of LovelyInn.blogspot.sg was developed during Feb 2007. Lovely Inn Spree would love to give everyone a Lovely Singapore Online Shopping environment to shop at a lower price and have the best customer interaction & trust as they will get.

With this Singapore online shopping concept, Lovely Inn Spree allows the shoppers to have variety of fashionable clothes to choose from, like OrangeBear & Tokyo Fashion. We also provide customers with the latest trend of clothes from Japan, Korea, Taiwan & USA. They are priced at a reasonable and affordable price.

Caught by Hallyu? Love at first sight Korean fashion? Taiwan Spree? Shop to your hearts’ content at Lovely Inn Spree, one of the best Singapore Online Shopping Blogshop!

Be always happy to look differently in every different fashion clothes you wear or for a prefect gift.

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 Lovely Inn

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Registration No: 53132270W