Wednesday, 28 November 2012 Spree (China Spree)

Exchange Rate

RMB 1 = SGD 0.22

Shipment Charges
Agent Fee: 8%
Merchants to Agent Domestic Shipping fee (快递): Between 6- 15元,  location set 深圳 to check the fees.
Shipment Charges from China to Singapore, please stroll to the end of this page.

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One-time payment and no further payments will be required!

Shipment Method

 2 weeks

Prohibited items
Bulky items, Electronic stuff, slimming/ medical pill & liquid/ gel.

Manual Calculation:
Url: 5dfa.jhtml
Color: Black
Size: L
Item RMB Amount $ (价  格): ¥ 116
China domestic shipping fee to Agent warehouse (物流运费) : 快递: ¥12.00
China Shipment Charges to Singapore refer to order form.

Total items:
Total: (Item RMB 116 + CN domestic
12 x 0.22 + CN Shipment to SGP Per Item 11) x 1.08 + Local Mail 3.20 = Payable Amt. S$45.49

价 格 RMB¥ = Item price in china currency

China domestic shipping fee = China postage from Merchants place to deliver over to Agent warehouse in china

China shipment fees to Singpore = China shipment fees to deliver the items from Agent warehouse from china to singapore.

1.08 = Agent fees for him to purchase the items & ship out the items for us

Local mail = local postage from my place to your place

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