Monday, 6 December 2010

Calculation of Spree

One-time payment and no further payments will be required!  

How to check the payable amount? 
Few examples has been provided as below to guide you along:
*Order will be placed right after you have updated me your payment detail to reduce the risk of out of stocks.* 
8% agent fee per order for agent to ship the items from taiwan to singapore & taiwan domestic postage ranging from NT60 - NT180 or free per spree for merchants to deliver the items to agent place.

Amt. Payable = [Item Price NT + Taiwan Domestic Postage Per Spree to agent warehouse] x Currency Rate + Shipment fee to Singapore Per Item x Agent Fee Per Order + Local Normal Mail =S$ 

Example for Tops: (NT180 + NT60 x 0.05 + $4.50) x 1.08 + S$2 = S$19.82

Example for Shoe: (NT180 + NT80 x 0.05 + $5.50) x 1.08 + S$3 = S$22.98

To View Shipment Charges (Pls download it!)
Orange Order Form for Taiwan Sprees

*This part for Oversea Buyers for the local postage part for shipping over to your countries.*

Overseas Postage Rates - Airmail Rates

There will be an additional S$2.20 applicable for international registered article.

TAIWAN SPREE for oversea buyers:
Example for Tops if post to overseas (Malaysia):
(NT180 + NT80 x 0.05 + $4) + 8% + S$2.20 + S$3 = S$23.56
Overseas buyer need to add in 4% paypal fees on total bill S$23.56 * 1.04 = SGD$24.50

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