Friday, 3 December 2010

Meet Up Venue

Meet Up Collection

Venue: Bishan Mrt outside exit D drop-off point.
Date & Time: 5.50 - 6pm on Weekdays (excluding PH & weekends)
How to recognize me: Text me or add me on facebook to see how I look like..
Thing to take Note: Inform me your name indicated on your order form.

Please confirm your attendance before the meet up at
If you would like to collect it before or after 6pm, please refer to self collection at my place or office. 

You may change to postage/ doorstep delivery service/ Self collection at my House or Office/ attend the next mass meet up session or opt for your own courier.

All arrival items must be collected within 1 month because sellers will not handle the issue anymore if there is anything wrong with the items.

Greatly appreciate for your Understanding.

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