Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Bags for Ladies

This page for Bags Lover!
(Shoulder bags, Handbags, Wallets, Card holder, Purses, Pouch, Satchel, Backpack, Tote Bags, Messenger Bags, Holdall, Travel Bags)


Step by step guide to place order. How to order?
One-time payment and no further payments will be required after items arrived!
Waiting time
Approximately 2-8 weeks after order has been placed with seller(s)
Note: May take longer if some items have longer stock replenishment duration
Price per Item
(Item Price in TWD/NTD + TWD Domestic Fee x Exchange Rate 0.05 + Ship to SGP) Fee x 1.08 + SGP Postage
Shopping Spree Order Form
Download Order Form
Spree History Spree Status
Discount Discounts Rate
Cheaper Rate Supply Rate
Collection Mode Meetup at Bishan MRT exit D/ Normal or Registered Mail/ Doorstep Delivery/ Self-Collection at my place
SkyBlue/ Bigi 天藍小舖 Spree #65
(Merchant previous speed: 1.5 months)
PG Mall Spree #57
(Merchant previous speed: 3 weeks)
 Aimee包包屋 Spree #17
(Merchant previous speed: 2 weeks)
S'aime 東京企劃 Spree #2
(Merchant previous speed: Unknown)
Change&Beauty 玩美共和國 Spree
(Seller previous speed 3 weeks)
NILLIE SHOP 妮莉 Spree #3
(Merchant previous speed: 1 month)
9% Spree
(Merchant previous speed: Unknown)

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